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This is a summary of changes made to my Web site in the last year, presented as a chronological digest of VCS commits. It is updated approximately as often as I change pages. The information is extracted automatically from Git, so even though I may forget to run it now and then, what it shows will always be complete.

Web site change history

Times are PST/PDT.

2023-05-12 01:21:18:
  revision: 66080be;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * change-history-template.html:  Times are PST/PDT

2023-05-06 01:07:53:
  revision: f9768e5;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  Update the email address in signature blocks
  * bob/damon-mahler.html, bob/index.html, bob/resume.html:
  * change-history-template.html, climbing/directions.html:
  * climbing/index.html, climbing/tuesday-faq.html:
  * climbing/tuesday-night.html, emacs/index.html, hits.html:
  * linux/backup.html, linux/cd-burning.html, linux/disk-upgrade.html:
  * linux/ether.html, linux/howto.html, linux/index.html, linux/nis.html:
  * linux/ntp.html, linux/tmda.html, linux/xml.html:
  * linux/security/firewall.html, linux/security/index.html:
  * linux/security/xauth.html, lisp/index.html, perl/index.html, ra.cgi:
  * site-map.html, web-site.html:
     + Update the address.
  * bob/contact.html:
     + Also, drop mention of the landline, and the "alternative" email
  * bob/resume-extra.html, linux/security/ssh.html:
     + Also, update the signature block more generally.

2023-05-06 00:29:20:
  revision: a28421a;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  Update for the move
  * index.html:
     + Change the city, add Sourcehut, plus a few other tweaks.

Bob Rogers <>