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This is a summary of changes made to my Web site in the last year, presented as a chronological digest of Subversion commits. It is updated approximately as often as I change pages. The information is extracted automatically from Subversion, so even though I may forget to run it now and then, what it shows will always be complete.

Web site change history

Times and dates are EST (-0500) and EDT (-0400).

2017-03-20 20:49:05:
  revision: e3736b8;  author: Bob Rogers <>
     + (escapeHTML):  New helper, to eliminate use.
     + (insert_html_log):  Use "git log" instead of "svn log".

2017-03-20 20:40:44:
  revision: 8ad6a18;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * makefile:
     + (linux/svn-dump.html, linux/, linux/
       Simplify these, assuming they are in ../scripts/.

2016-12-11 19:55:35:
  revision: e7a5a6a;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * climbing/index.html:
     + Replace old Tuesday night forecast location links with a single
       link for Medford (but at least it works).

Bob Rogers <>