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Site visitors
Out of curiousity, I started looking at what software (browser and OS) people use to visit my Web site. [August 2002]
Stuff about me
How to get in touch with me
Damon Mahler: A True Story
Why I use TMDA to reduce spam
[May 2002]
My girls.
Boston Climbing Resources
Tuesday Night schedule
Current edition.
Advanced emacs usage tips
emacs customization
emacs cheat sheet
emacs: Keyboard issues
emacs self-documentation commands
[November 1999]
ArsDigita Web/DB
Overlapping intervals
emacs tutorial
Linux resources
System backups -- Interface to `dump' and `restore' for automating backups.
Linux Hard Disk Upgrade: An Experience
Ethernet CAT5 Cheat Sheet
Local "howto" information
Note that the main "howto" page has some "short subjects," while these are the longer ones.
Burning CD-R disks
Network Information Service (NIS)
Automatic system clock setting
TMDA (Tagged Message Delivery Agent)
Linux Security, etc.
The script
Linux firewall script
SSH: Secure Shell
Linux security: Using xauth
random Perl stuff

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